Online Gambling in Malaysia
Online Gambling in Malaysia

Online gambling in Malaysia information and how Malaysian bets over the internet using international online gambling sites.

Online Gambling In Malaysia

Online gambling is technically illegal in Malaysia. However, there are many international online gambling websites accept customers from Malaysian and transact using Malaysian currency and using local banks.

There have been many calls to ban online gambling in Malaysia but it is not clear if patronizing online gambling sites are considered illegal. Most of the online gambling sites are hosted outside the country, making it hard to control the activity.

Malaysia Online Gamblers

Malaysian gamblers can access and choose from hundreds of online gambling sites internationally. They place their bets on online casino sites which offer games like blackjack, roulette, slot machine jackpot or go to sportsbook sites which offers live sports betting such as soccer, basketball, tennis and more.

Topping up credits online is made easy by just banking in the amount desired via online banking. Most online gambling sites offer online chat to solve any issues with topping up credits and releasing payments. This has helped facilitate Malaysian gambling customers to transact with online gambling sites easily and quickly.

Online Gambling Law in Malaysia

Although the Malaysian laws prohibits any sort of gambling be it online or offline, many Malaysian place their bets online every day. It is less likely for Malaysian online gamblers to be caught because the online gambling website are not hosted in Malaysia and it may not be possible for the authorities to demand Malaysian customers information from overseas online gambling sites especially with a gambling-friendly country.

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